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Meet the Staff

Dean Helen Easterling Williams, EdD
Associate Dean, Education Division Farzin Madjidi, EdD
Associate Dean, Psychology Division Robert A. deMayo, PhD
Assistant Dean, Faculty & Staff Development Autumn Lucinski
Cultural Attaché Vanessa Jahn
Executive Assistant to the Dean  Lonnie McNamee
Administrative Manager Dawn Henderson
Office Coordinator Heather Baumholser
Office Assistant Vacant

Assistant Vice Chancellor Kerri Heath
Advancement Assistant Lauren Summiel
Budget Planning & Student Financials  
Director, Fiscal Planning & Student Financials Spencer Hardman

Manager, Grants & Fiscal Services Joanne Lee

Financial Aid
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Christell A. Neal
Financial Aid Advisor Pauline Samson

Student Accounts
Student Accounts Coordinator Reina Lee
Student Success  
Director of Student Success Michelle Blas
Assistant Director, Student Services and Enrollment Management Arminda Lerma
Senior Academic Advisor - Psychology Tinnie Taylor
Academic Advisor - Psychology Marissa Spruiell
Academic Advisor - K-12 programs Andrew Disney
Academic Advisor - Leadership and Technology Jane Tado
Manager, IRB Kevin Collins
External IRB Reviewer Andrea Quintero
Manager, Writing Support Regina Meister
Assistant Manager, Writing Support Carlos Jimenez
Internal and External Relations  

Career Services 
Executive Director of Career Services Yas Djadali-Hardaway
Director of Academic and Employer Partnerships Adriana Estrada
Manager, Career Counseling - Psychology Brandi Donaldson
Intern, Career Counselor Lauren Lyon

Marketing and Alumni Relations
Executive Director of Marketing & Enrollment Karen Semien-McBride, PhD
Administrative Assistant, Marketing & Enrollment Lindsay Modrow
Assistant Director of Marketing Emma Gibson
Marketing Analyst Vacant
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations  Tracey Cummings
Alumni Relations Specialist Vacant

Recruitment and Admissions
Director of Enrollment Chris Costa
Enrollment Officer Kelley Hill
Enrollment Officer Crystal Molina
Enrollment Officer Lali Alvarez
Enrollment Officer Earl Hardy Jr.
Enrollment Officer Tyson Fant
Enrollment Processor Christina Drake
Enrollment Processor Vacant
Director of Technology Varun Khanna
IT Support Services Manager Phani Alluri
Project Analyst John C. Buckingham
IT Projects & Support Services Specialist Ilya Burkov
Associate Dean, Education Farzin Madjidi, EdD
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Education Irene Artavia-Misciagna
Administrative Assistant, Education Mahsa Zojaji
Director, Assessment & Accreditation Heidi Sublette
Associate Program Director - K-12 Programs Alison Pascola
Associate Program Director - Leadership and Technology Christie Dailo
Assistant Program Director - MAE and TP Programs Maria Marion
Certification Manager Summer O'Neal
MA in Education Program  
Director Reyna Garcia-Ramos, PhD
Director of Clinical Experience, West LA and Encino Reyna Garcia-Ramos, PhD
Director of TESOL Reyna Garcia-Ramos, PhD
MA in Learning Technologies Program Online
Director Paul Sparks, PhD
MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change
Director Steve Kirnon, PhD
MS in Administration Program  
Director Robert Barner, PhD
EdD in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy Program  
Director June Schmieder-Ramirez, PhD
EdD in Learning Technologies Program  
Director Linda Polin, PhD
EdD in Organizational Leadership Program  
Director June Schmieder-Ramirez, PhD
Associate Dean, Psychology Robert A. deMayo, PhD
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Psychology Camille Croswell Andres
Administrative Assistant, Psychology Lorena Galaviz
MA in Psychology Program  
Director Robert A. deMayo, PhD
MA in Clinical Psychology Program  
Director, Evening Format Duncan Wigg, PhD
Manager, MA Clinical Training and Professional Development Kathleen Wenger
MA Clinical Training and Development Coordinator Rebecca Reed
MA Clinical Training and Development Coordinator Alice Richardson
MA in Clinical Psychology Program, Malibu  
Director Stephanie Woo, PhD
Program Administrator Andrea Lipnicki
MA in Clinical Psychology, Latina/o Emphasis Program  
Director Miguel Gallardo, PsyD
Program Administrator Tiffany Wright
MS in Behavioral Psychology Program  
Director Adel Najdowski, PhD
Program Administrator Tiffany Wright
Doctor of Psychology Program  
Director Edward P. Shafranske, PhD
Director, Clinical Training La Tonya Wood, PhD
PsyD Program Research Coordinator Shelley Harrell, PhD
PsyD Program Administrator Yasmin Makki
PsyD Clinical Training and Professional Development Administrator Jay Carson
Community Counseling Centers  
Clinic Director, Irvine Graduate Campus Duncan Wigg, PhD
Clinic Director, Encino Graduate Campus Anat Cohen, PhD
Clinic Director, West Los Angeles Aaron Aviera, PhD