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Faculty Directory

Margaret Weber, Ph.D. - Dean and Professor
Martine Jago, Ph.D. - Associate Dean and Professor
Robert Barner, Ph.D. - Visiting Faculty
Kathy Church Lacey, Ed.D. - Professor
Anthony Collatos, Ph.D - Associate Professor
Margot Condon, Ed.D. - Senior Lecturer
Spring Cooke, Ed.D. - Visiting Faculty
Kay Davis, Ed.D. - Senior Lecturer
Cynthia Dollins, Ed.D. - Lecturer
Reyna Garcia-Ramos, Ph.D. - Professor
Eric Hamilton, Ph.D. - Professor of Education
Nancy Harding, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
Doug Leigh, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
Farzin Madjidi, Ed.D. - Professor
John McManus, Ph.D. - Professor
Linda Polin, Ph.D. - Professor and Davidson Endowed Professor
Linda Purrington, Ed.D. - Lecturer
Kent Rhodes, EdD - Visiting Faculty
José L. Santos, Ph.D - Associate Professor
June Schmieder-Ramirez, Ph.D. - Professor
Paul Sparks, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
Ronald Stephens, Ed.D. - Professor
David Stevens, Ph.D. - Visiting Faculty


GSEP manages three counseling clinics to provide high-quality, individualized, and affordable psychological care for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the Pepperdine and external communities.