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Master Teachers

The Master Teacher will support the MAT candidate through a process of induction to school life and orientation to the learning community. Subsequent phases of Clinical Experience will involve collaboration with the University Field Supervisor in the evaluation of the candidate: planning, implementing, and assessing lesson plans. The Master Teacher will:

  • Model a variety of appropriate strategies and techniques of instruction.
  • Explain the principles and practice of teaching students with diverse needs.
  • Discuss the reflective process of teaching and methods of self-evaluation.
  • Clarify and demonstrate assessment, grading, and reporting procedures.

Please click here for more information regarding Master Teacher responsibilities.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Teacher please complete the online Interest Form. If you are already a Master Teacher please read the instructions below:

Instruction for Payment Directly to Master Teacher

  • If you are a new Master Teacher or a returning Master Teacher that needs to update contact information, please click here.
  • The Pepperdine University Finance Office is now accepting W-9's through eSign.
    • If you are a new Master Teacher or have been inactive for 2 years, you must complete a new W9. To receive a link to the eSign portal, please send an email to mtp@pepperdine.edu. Please note: paper W-9s will no longer be accepted.

Instruction for Payment Directly to District

  • Click here to check if your school district requires Pepperdine University to submit payment directly to your district.
  • For information regarding status of payment please contact your district. 


Thank you for serving as a Master Teacher for Pepperdine University students! Your contributions and time are very important to us and we appreciate all you do for our students. Part of your role as a Master Teacher is completing an evaluation on the performance of the student teacher while they are in your classroom. You will need to use our electronic evaluation system, Taskstream, to fill out the evaluation forms.

New Master Teacher

  • If you are a NEW Master Teacher with Pepperdine you will receive an email directly from Heidi Sublette, Director of Assessment. The email will direct you to sign into Taskstream.com and you will be provided with a username and password, along with instructions on how to complete the student evaluations.

Returning Master Teacher

  • If you are a returning Master Teacher with Pepperdine you will log into Taskstream as you have in the past. If you are unable to locate your password, please use the "forgot password" link on the home page.

If you are having any issues with Taskstream they have a great technology support team available via phone at l 800-311-5656. Your student teacher also has knowledge on how to use Taskstream, so they are a great resource. You may also email Heidi Sublette at heidi.sublette@pepperdine.edu if you are having any content issues or you do not see your student teacher's name on the list.


Master Teachers are to post the following evaluations on Taskstream:

  • Clinical 1-- One Final Evaluation
  • Clinical 2-- Two Evaluations: One Midterm and One Final
  • Clinical 3-- Two Evaluations: One Midterm and One Final