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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. Pepperdine offers RSS feeds with headlines and descriptions, and links back to Pepperdine sites for the full content. Click on an RSS button below to get the corresponding feed.

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 The Graphic
Seaver College Newspaper

 Graziadio Business Report,
A Journal of Relevant Business Analysis
An Online Journal That Delivers Relevant Business Information and Analysis for Business, Government, and Non-profit Managers


 Business Trends: The Dean's Executive Leadership Series
The Dean's Executive Leadership Series podcast invites top business practitioners and thought leaders to share their views on the real world of business. Brought to you by the Graziadio Business School, this podcast offers in-depth interviews and insight on the challenges and opportunities facing today's business community.


 RSS Feeds for New Titles
Pepperdine University Libraries offers RSS feeds for the most popular recently cataloged items based on the Library of Congress classes.


What is RSS?
The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. An RSS feed, also known as a news feed, is a syndicated news feed in an XML format to which users can subscribe.

What is a news feed reader?
A news feed reader, also known as a news aggregator, is software that lets the user subscribe to RSS feeds.

Why should I use a news feed reader?
Using an RSS feed reader allows the user to be alerted when new articles on the topics you're interested in are available. Many feed readers will pop up a new window when a new article is available, or are integrated into mail clients or Web browsers, such as FireFox, Safari, and Opera. When a user is alerted of a new article, they can click on a link that will take them directly to it.

Where can I get an RSS feed reader?
There are many freeware and shareware readers available, and though Pepperdine does not endorse any particular reader, a few are listed below.

What is Web syndication?
Syndication on the Web means a section of a Web site is made available for users or other sites to use. The RSS feeds on this page are an example of syndication.