Environmental Engagement and Ecopreneurship

We are working to build a community of global citizens who promote new ways of viewing the world in an open, social and environmentally conscious way. Our vision is to encourage individuals and communities to become good stewards of and advocates for the earth, to seek out creative solutions to today's issues, and to be equipped with the tools necessary to change not only the way we act within the world but how we think about it.

Capacity Building

Civil society depends on the services provided by the nonprofit sector. Those services make the most impact when delivered by organizations that have strong capacity to achieve their missions. However, several factors – including the variance in quality among capacity building service providers, the grantee-funder relationship power dynamic, and the stigma against investing in organizational infrastructure - contribute to the inability of organizations to maximize capacity. Social entrepreneurs have an opportunity to ensure the nonprofit sector make a significant impact on our society by affecting systemic change in the way capacity building occurs within the nonprofit sector.

Media for Change

Media has the power to give a voice to those muted by political agendas, poverty, illiteracy, war, disease and discrimination. The more people have the opportunity to become aware and bear witness to injustice, the more social change will be possible. We will deliver compelling messaging about today's most pressing issues via high-definition content streamed online, mobile technology, television and film.

Community / Political Engagement

Our goal is to create systemic change by increasing civic participation through political education, community organizing, leadership development and entrepreneurial training.

Educational Innovation

Guided by the fundamental belief that knowledge is power, we are impassioned changemakers seeking to bridge the educational disparities caused and exacerbated by the manmade chasms of socioeconomic status, race, religion, and gender. We are certain that universal access to quality education coupled with holistic innovation inside and outside the classroom is the first of many steps towards changing our world for the better. We envision a new human experience in which the opportunity to a dignified future is afforded to every man, woman, and child.

Human Rights

In accordance with our vision of a world where all women and children are valued and treated with dignity, we will be working internationally to address a wide range of social issues affecting these essential members of society. Women and children make up a vast portion of the population, yet are not treated equally. Whether we are working with widows in India, combatting sex trafficking in Thailand, or mentoring youth in Ghana, our main purpose is to share tools with every woman and child we encounter. Our hope is not only that they use these tools to establish a voice, but that their voice is respected by all members of their community.