Facebook Pixel Master of Arts in Learning Technologies (Online) - Pepperdine University - Graduate School of Education and Psychology

All courses for this 30-unit program are taken together with a cadre of approximately 20 peers. All cadres start face-to-face with CadreCamp© at the Malibu campus in July. Two online courses complete the initial Summer Session.

The rest of the year is divided into three tracks as shown below; Action Research, Learning Theory/Leadership and Technology Application. Please note the additional face-to-face sessions; a national conference in Spring and final exhibitions/graduation in July, one year after starting the program.

Summer I—Discover

ELT 630

Conceptual Tools—Experience Distributed Cognition and Learning


ELT 640

Learning Designs—Product Design in Teams


ELT 650

Collaborative Action Research—Explore Action Research



ELT 631

Conceptual Tools—Understand Learning with Technology


ELT 641

Learning Designs—Analyze Problems and Tools


ELT 651

Collaborative Action Research—Formulate a Theory of Action



ELT 632

Conceptual Tools—Teaching and Learning Relationships with Technology


ELT 642

Learning Designs—Apply Technology for Change


ELT 652

Collaborative Action Research— Apply Action Research Methods


Summer II—Leverage

ELT 633

Conceptual Tools—Technology Leadership through Service


ELT 643

Learning Designs—Leverage Technology for Change


ELT 653

Collaborative Action Research—Present Action Research