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Master of Arts in LEARNING TechnologIES (Online)

Enrollment for the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies (online) is in the Summer.

Admissions for this program are rolling.  Once an application is complete it is reviewed for admission. We do not wait for the application deadline to review your application. The next admissions review is for Summer 2013 (Cadre 16).  



Summer 2014 Priority Deadline - MAY 1


Distributed Learning Environments Lab (EDC 640, a one-unit face-to-face course) is completed at CadreCamp© in Malibu, CA. Introduction to Distributed Learning Environments (EDC 641, a two-unit course) and Participatory Action Research (EDC 638A, a one-unit course that begins the Action Research project) are conducted online in August. Students are then registered for Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-April) and Summer (May-June) terms.


Cadre 13 Face-to-Face Schedule 2010-2011
Face-to-face session (CadreCamp©) - July 20-24, 2010, Malibu             
Face-to-face session - FETC Orlando TBA
Face-to-face session - June 14-17, 2011
Face-to-face session (graduation ceremony) - June 18, 2011


Cadre 14 Face-to-Face Schedule 2011-2012:

Face-to-face session - CadreCamp© - July 12-16, 2011, Malibu             
Face-to-face session - FETC Orlando - January 24-28, 2012
Face-to-face session - Exhibitions - June 24-27, 2012
Face-to-face session - Graduation ceremony - May 19, 2012