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Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)

What is PACT?
Pepperdine University is a proud member of PACT (Performance Assessment for California Teachers). PACT is a consortium of teacher preparation programs at 30 universities, 1 district internship program, and 1 charter school network, which have joined together to develop a teacher performance assessment. Successful completion of the teaching performance assessment will be required to earn a California Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential.

The teaching performance assessment consists of a Teaching Event completed during the teacher candidates’ semester of student teaching. Single Subject (secondary) candidates complete the Teaching Event in their content area. Multiple Subject (elementary) candidates complete the Literacy Teaching Event and three additional Content Area Tasks (CATs) so that they are assessed in each of the core content areas (mathematics, history-social science, and science) taught in elementary schools. The Teaching Event and CATs measure the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), which are teaching standards for California student teachers.

Required PACT Support Documents:

Teaching Event Handbook

The Teaching Event Handbooks contain the instructions and writing prompts that you need to complete the PACT Teaching Event. Please use this link below to find your Teaching Event Handbook. Then, please print it, read it, and write notes and/or questions to ask.
*Multiple Subject Candidates use the Elementary Literacy Handbook.
* Single Subject Candidates use the content area in which they are completing their student teaching Phase 2/3. All Foreign Languages use World Languages.
PACT website - Teaching Event Handbooks


These are the source of how you will be scored, so think of them as the MEAT of the PACT. Please concentrate on the language of the rubrics as you complete your teaching event. Be sure to look at the footnotes on the rubrics that include them.
PACT website - Rubrics

Making Good Choices

This is a fantastic support guide to help you with your PACT Teaching Event.
PACT website - Support Documents

Required Links and Documents:

Useful Links and Information:

Academic Language

Here is a useful link to better explain what scorers will be looking for in regards to Academic Language. Look beneath the first three supporting documents to find this information on this page.
PACT website - Support Documents


Educational Psychologists, Theorists, Researchers, and Authors (from CSUN PACT information page)


Video Uploading Help

Here is some information about uploading and compressing the video into TaskStream. The first part gives instructions for PC users, and if you scroll down, instructions are given for MAC users.
Compressing Video for TaskStream

Information regarding video consent and release forms

PACT Website

Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE's)

TPE's are a set of 13 standards that describe what California teachers need to know and be able to do as part of qualifying for a Preliminary Credential. All of the PACT requirements are based upon the TPEs. A complete list of the TPEs is listed on the back of your Teaching Event Handbook. Here is a link to an "At a Glance" explanation of TPE's posted by UCSB.

Subscribing to TaskStream

Most of our candidates subscribe to TaskStream during Phase 1 of student teaching. This is the program that you will upload your Embedded Signature Assignments to, as well as your PACT Teaching Event in Phase 2.

Each semester our teacher candidates are given a "code" (by your Director of Student Teaching or PACT Coordinator) to input AFTER they subscribe to TaskStream. In Phase 1 you are given a code to load the courses that have the Embedded Signature Assignments. If you are in the one year program, it costs less to subscribe for one year. In Phase 2 you are given another code (by your Director of Student Teaching or PACT Coordinator) that will load the templates to complete your PACT Teaching Event.

Here is a PowerPoint created to give instructions on subscribing to TaskStream. Click on the forward arrows for each slide to get detailed, step-by-step instructions. Please go to taskstream.com first.