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Students whose bachelor's degrees are in fields other than psychology may be considered for admission to this format. The program requires 60-72 units, depending upon previous course work. The total number of units students complete toward the degree will depend upon the number of foundation courses waived and current MFT licensing requirements. If a student has completed the foundation courses elsewhere and has them waived, and if applicable graduate units are transferred in, as few as 60 units must be taken. If a student must complete all foundation and core requirements.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses may be waived if they meet certain criteria. Students who have completed any of these courses at the undergraduate level may seek permission to waive them, provided they were completed at an accredited institution, within the preceding seven years, and at a grade of "B" or better. Foundation courses taken at the graduate level may be waived or transferred. Permission to waive or transfer credits should be requested at the time of admission.

PSY 657



PSY 659

Behavioral Principles and Theories of Learning


Core Courses

The core courses listed below may be completed in any sequence after the necessary prerequisites have been met. The core courses may not be waived and are eligible for transfer only.

PSY 606

Interpersonal Skills and Group Therapy


PSY 623

Ethics and the Law for Mental Health Professionals


PSY 624

Individual and Family Treatment of Substance Abuse


PSY 626

Research and Evaluation Methods for Mental Health Professionals


PSY 627

Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals


PSY 628

Human Sexuality and Intimacy


PSY 639

Couple and Family Therapy I


PSY 640

Couple and Family Therapy II


PSY 642

Mental Health Systems, Practice, and Advocacy


PSY 661

Preparation for Practicum (NEW COURSE)


PSY 662

Clinical Practicum





PSY 663

Bilingual Clinical Practicum: Latina/o Emphasis


PSY 668

Clinical Interventions With Children and Adolescents


PSY 669

Trauma in Diverse Populations


PSY 671

Career Development: Theories and Techniques (NEW COURSE)


PSY 672, 672A

Spanish Language and Culture: Beginning Conversations

and Understanding Linguistic Context





PSY 673, 673A

Spanish Language and Culture in Counseling Latinos: Intermediate/Advanced


PSY 674

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders: Latina/o Emphasis.


PSY 675

Assessment of Individuals, Couples, and Families: Latina/o Emphasis


PSY 676

Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Latina/o Emphasis


PSY 677

Multicultural Counseling: Latina/o Emphasis


PSY 678

Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Latina/o Emphasis


PSY 679

Individual, Couple, and Family Development: A Life Cycle Approach—Latina/o Emphasis