Campus/Format: WLA/M.A. in Psychology

What were you doing before coming to Pepperdine GSEP?

I spent 6 ½ years in the corporate business world in Sales and Marketing and earned an MBA degree. I was also an assistant high school track and field coach.

What are your research interests?

Mindfulness, Anxiety and Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence

What are your career goals post-GSEP?/What are you doing with your GSEP degree?

Obtain a PhD at the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. I will be doing Sport Psychology and organizational consulting and I intend to work in a private therapy practice setting upon completion of my PhD.

Why did you choose to come to Pepperdine GSEP?

I knew of Pepperdine’s reputation for offering strong programs in GSEP through personal connections I had with several staff and faculty members in the Full-Time MFT program. Prior to coming to GSEP, I was living in Nashville, Tennessee, which I enjoyed, but I was interested to see what life in Southern California was all about. Los Angeles is a great place to be in graduate school. While the weather and scenery is amazing and there is never a shortage of things to do, the city also offers a lot in terms of resources for academic and professional development in the mental health field. Also, coming from an academic background in business, I was able to enter the program without having to complete prerequisite coursework. This was a strong factor in my choosing Pepperdine. I think it also allows for a unique diversity of student backgrounds and interests, which is certainly welcomed in Psychology. I believe that having that diversity, along with the cultural diversity of the student population in Los Angeles, enhances the learning environment and classroom experience.