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Master's in Teaching or Education

Discover how to make a greater impact in your career and the community by pursuing a master's degree in education. Expand your leadership in education or begin a career in teaching. Our 30-unit or 34-unit program offers three program options allowing you to focus on your area of passion. Each program may be completed within one year

Master of Arts in Education Programs


This program enables students to pursue coursework for a master's degree in conjunction with a teaching credential. The multiple subjects teaching credential is generally considered to be an elementary school credential, most applicable to kindergarten and grades 1 through 6, where traditionally one classroom teacher is responsible for multiple subjects in the curriculum. Single subject credential candidates may teach a single subject, specified on the credential, from preschool through grade 12. This credential is generally recognized as most appropriate for the middle and secondary schools, grades 7 through 12.


This 30-unit program allows students to explore psychological principles as they apply to teaching and learning. This program is ideal for educators in all settings and includes courses on professional leadership, self in the social world, cognition, instruction, and assessment.


This program enables candidates to pursue course work for the teaching of English as an additional language from preschool through university, both in the United States and beyond. It is offered at the Irvine Graduate Campus as a cohort model for completion within one academic or calendar year (three terms). All courses are aligned with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards for the TESOL program. The program comprises 10, three-unit courses addressing the needs of local candidates intending to specialize in teaching English learners, as well as international candidates wishing to study the teaching of English. The TESOL program follows a traditional face-to-face format. Candidates will extend and deepen their professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions as reflective scholar-practitioners.