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Ed.D. in Organization Change


Core Courses
Core 1
EDOC 700 Leadership of Human Endeavor in the Institutional Setting (4)
EDOC 714 Management of Human Resources (3)
EDOC 724 Ethics and Society (3)
EDOC 762 Transforming Organizations in a Global Community (3)
Core 2
EDOC 729* Communication and Information Technology (3)
EDOC 730 Research and Evaluation-Qualitative and Quantitative (4)
EDOC 734 Data Analysis and Interpretation (4)
Specific course titles and descriptions subject to change.

*Students are required to take EDOC 729, Communication and Information Technology as a prerequisite to EDOC 734, Data Analysis and Interpretation. Students should take EDOC 729 within their first year in the program, preferably within the first term.

The following 34 units of specialized course work is required in addition to the 24 units of core courses, the comprehensive examination seminar and dissertation:

Specialized Courses
EDOC 721 Policy Development (3)
EDOC 764 Strategic Management and Change (4)
EDOC 765 Designing Future Organizations (4)
EDOC 766 Cultural Dimensions in Global Management (4)
EDOC 767 Transorganizational Development (4)
EDOC 768a-c International Experience (1)
EDOC 769a-d The Practice of Organization Change (1)
EDOC 785 Contemporary Topics: Community Development and Self as Instrument (8)