What were you doing before coming to Pepperdine GSEP?

Before coming to Pepperdine GSEP, I was an adjunct professor of mathematics at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, California and a home-school father of two boys.

What are your career goals post-GSEP?

My career goals include helping the home-school community with learning math better – especially missionary families in remote locations. I would like to design educational games and apps for middle school students. I would also like to be an educational consultant and help reform public schools in the United States.

What are you doing with your GSEP degree?

I am using what I learn in the GSEP program to be a better instructor in blended and online settings. I am organizing a coding club for the home school community. I am researching creativity and flow theory in the context of making videos and learning math and work as a graduate assistant for one of my professors at Pepperdine. I am submitting papers for publication and proposals for speaking at conventions.

Why did you choose to come to Pepperdine GSEP?

I joined the EDLT program at Pepperdine GSEP because of its reputation for excellence as a blended program for working adults that was offered in a flexible format. I am able to home-school my two boys, work part-time in the evenings and be a full-time doctoral student. I wanted to experience both the international trip in year one and the DC trip in year two. I especially appreciated the emphasis of projects based on the workplace and growing in the program as part of a cohort.