What were you doing before coming to Pepperdine GSEP?

Director of Community Education at a community college in California.

What are your career goals post-GSEP?

To expand my leadership role as an academic administrator - where I can share my commitment to student success.

What are you doing with your GSEP degree?

I have taken on more responsibility at my institution and expanded my area to include an extensive partnership with the local K-12 district, overseeing their after-school educational and enrichment programs. The district serves 51,000 students. I also teach in the GSEP's ELAP program. In fall 2012 I began a 5-term loop with Cohort 10 teaching Participatory Action Research.

Why did you choose to come to Pepperdine GSEP?

I spent several years researching doctoral programs and was not 'moved to action' until I learned of GSEP's ELAP program. Dr. Purrington solidified my choice to attend ELAP. It was that meeting where everything I had read/learned about ELAP became real. The commitment to students was evident and I immediately knew the program was a perfect fit.