Clinical Connection:
A Self-Compassionate Approach to
Recovering From Disordered Eating
Thursday, April 2nd 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Room 234
Melissa Boswell, M.A. teaches Group
Meg McGuire is a full-time, MFT graduate
Therapy and Interpersonal Skills at
student at Pepperdine University. As
the GSEP Irvine campus. A
someone in recovery herself, Meg is
Pepperdine graduate, with 33 years
hoping to focus on a client population
of recovery from an eating disorder,
with both eating disorders and addictions.
she enjoys sharing with others what
Meg is a former magazine editor and has
has been most helpful in her journey.
a love for all things Disney.
Those trapped in an eating disorder experience a painful cycle of
unrelenting self-criticism, negative body image, unhealthy eating behaviors,
and shame.
Learn about strategies which can help mitigate this self-destructive pattern:
Shifting the focus from shame to empowerment
Replacing the harsh inner critic with self-compassion and curiosity
Somatic interventions for reducing negative self-talk
Calm the nervous system and regulate emotions in triggering situations
**Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP to PSYPROFDEV@PEPPERDINE.EDU**
If you have any questions, or are needing more information, contact:
Kathleen Wenger, Manager, MA Psychology Dept. of Professional Development &
Clinical Training