EDTC 674 Second Language Development: Methods and Practice (2)
This course is designed to follow the theories and foundation course ED 673. It provides students with opportunities to apply theories, research, assessment strategies, instructional approaches and methods through a practicum with learners of English. Credential candidates will work directly with K-12 students in a local public school site for a total of 8 weeks. They will be expected to synthesize course concepts into the effective delivery of weekly lessons with learners of English in a practicum setting. Emphasis will be placed on the promotion of cultural, linguistic, and communicative competence and acceptance. Credential candidates will use the strategies and curriculum and instruction outlined in the California English Language Development Standards. The practicum is composed of three components that include: 1). supervised teaching by instructors; 2) effective lesson planning by candidates; 3) and reflective journal entries on each practicum session by candidates.
Prerequisite: EDTC 673.