EDTC 673 Second Language Development: Theories and Foundation (3)
Teacher credential candidates need to increase their cultural sensitivity, and their knowledge of culturally relevant teaching skills, to meet the needs of the linguistically diverse student population that has resulted from the changing demographics in the U. S. and, more particularly, in California. The course is designed to provide students with foundations in the historical, linguistic, legal, pedagogical, and theoretical research as it relates to first and second language development. Emphasis is placed on increasing candidates' understanding of the social and cultural factors affecting the schooling of language minorities. Credential candidates will understand the strategies and curriculum and instruction outlined in the California English Language Development Standards. Teacher credential candidates will additionally investigate research in English language learning, bilingualism, language structures, and sociocultural variables of language uses.
Prerequisite: ED 601, EDTC 672.
Pre/Co-requisite: EDTC 645