EDTC 606 Health and Physical Education (1)
The teacher candidates (TC) develop a good understanding of the content, and sensitivity to and enthusiasm for nurturing the health of each student, and an ability and willingness to model healthy living. The course presents current and accurate content based upon the latest scientific information about health. It emphasizes the similarities and universal qualities of human beings, regardless of differences in age, culture, disability, ethnic background, gender, primary language, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background. Teacher candidates learn to provide students with opportunities to learn, practice, and apply new health related skills, such as making decisions, refusing negative influences, and accessing health and social service programs to maintain good health. TC instill in children the ability to accept responsibility for their health to succeed in school and become healthier, more responsible, and more successful adults. Teacher candidates will learn how to collaborate with parents and the school to address problems and behaviors that influence school performance.