RAPT - Research and Practice Team

The Research and Practice Team (RAPT) at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology is a student-led research group which serves to provide a forum for discussion about research and related activities as well as provide students with information about possible research opportunities.

The Research and Practice Team’s mission is bridging the gap.  RAPT’s goals include bridging the gap between research and practice, any possible gap between our students and research opportunities, and any gap between Pepperdine and outside research projects in the community.

RAPT typically meets once a month in a variety of ways.  We have discussion based meetings which allow students to discuss their research interests and goals, sharing of any information regarding research opportunities, and discussing any blocks to participating in research. We typically have at least one guest speaker a semester.  The guest speaker may be a Pepperdine professor, a professor from another University, or a dissertation student.  The guest speaker provides the group with information about how they are incorporating research into their professional lives.  Ideally, this guest speaker also has openings for students to participate in his or her research.  A third meeting type is an experiential lab visit.

RAPT currently serves the Marriage and Family therapy graduate students at the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University.  In the future, we look forward to expanding our programming to involve interested undergraduate as well as graduate students from any University.

Need more info?
The student founder of RAPT is Meghan Owenz and she would love to be contacted with questions about the group at Meghan.owenz@gmail.com.  The faculty founder and sponsor of RAPT is Dr. Susan Hall who can be reached at susan.hall@pepperdine.edu.