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Linda Nelson Faculty Profile

Linda Nelson

Adjunct Faculty
Education Division, Graduate School of Education and Psychology


Dr. Nelson is a clinical neuropsychologist with a strong background in measurement and assessment. She currently teaches cognitive assessment to doctoral and master's level students at Pepperdine University. She studied with one of the developers of the MMPI at Ohio State and acquired expertise in personality assessment. Research interests include Alzheimer's disease and she has devised and adapted experimental cognitive tasks for use with severe cognitively impaired individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease and from moderate to severe levels of mental retardation. Her clinical background is extensive and she works in the area of adults and children as a neuropsychologist. As a licensed school psychologist, Dr. Nelson is well-acquainted with the school system and laws that govern special education. Work in the area of early intervention for children under the age of 5 led to development of novel, parent-run programs of intervention for language and behavior problems. Dr. Nelson held the position of Vice Chair for Neurology at the University of California, Irvine, before coming to Pepperdine in 2005. She was on faculty in psychiatry and neurology at the University of California, Irvine for 16 years. While at UCI, Dr. Nelson taught clinical practicums to Pepperdine students (doctoral level). It was here that many Pepperdine students received their introduction, through a year-long assessment practicum, into the field of neuropsychology. She is well-published in the areas of testing and measurement. Currently, she is engaged in research designed to better understand areas of the brain first impacted by Alzheimer's disease and functional decline associated with earliest, pre-Alzheimer's disease stages. Dr. Nelson also has a private practice, with offices in Pasadena and Newport Beach.


  • PhD, Ohio State University
  • MA, Ohio State University
  • EdS, Kent State University
  • Med, Kent State University
  • BA, Bowling Green State University