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Photo of Kathleen A. Eldridge, PhD

Kathleen A. Eldridge, PhD
Associate Professor

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; MA, University of California, Los Angeles; BA, University of California, Santa Barbara

Dr. Eldridge is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psychotherapy research and couple/marital and family therapy. She teaches courses in marriage and family therapy, research methods, and statistics. Dr. Eldridge has published research on couple therapy and relationship communication, and presented the results of this research at national and international conferences. She collaborates with investigators at UCLA on a clinical trial of marital therapy. Dr. Eldridge also collaborates with students and faculty colleagues in implementing the Pepperdine Applied Research Center, a project to develop research within the Community Counseling Centers at Pepperdine University. She currently has a private practice and has worked in clinical settings with diverse populations comprised of children, adolescents, college students, adults, couples, and families.

Contact: kathleen.eldridge@pepperdine.edu

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