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Graduate Programs in Psychology

Pepperdine Applied Research Center

Couples, Family and Children Research Lab

In Dr. Eldridge's Dissertation lab, past and current research topics include:

  • Concordance between therapists' self-reports and neutral observers' ratings of adherence to marital therapy - Arlene Cruz, M.A.
  • Mixed-methods analysis of clients' perceptions of the most and least helpful aspects of couple therapy - Jessica Nelson, PsyD.
  • Descriptive and quantitative analysis of problem areas, communication patterns, and outcomes in couple therapy - Diana Olarte, M.A.
  • A qualitative analysis of acceptance-promoting couple interactions in Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy - Laura D. Wiedeman, PsyD.

Additional interest areas of Dr. Eldridge and Dr. Hall include:

  • Couple therapy process and outcome
  • Demand-withdraw communication in couples
  • Multicultural similarities and differences in demand-withdraw communication
  • Infidelity
  • Stages of change among couples and adolescents in therapy
  • Religiosity/spirituality in marriage and in youth
  • Developmentally and contextually appropriate assessment and treatment of children and adolescents

Mara Leigh Taylor (MA '03, MA '06) founded Getting Out By Going In after more than five years of volunteer work inside prisons, teaching more than 600 inmates tools for rapid and lasting changes, and recently authored a book titled Women in Prison: Women Finding Freedom.