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Pepperdine News and Events

West Los Angeles Campus Hosts Pioneers of Communities of Practice

On October 5, 2013, GSEP welcomed two pioneers of communities of practice, Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner. Part of the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, the keynote focused on recent developments in social learning theory.

The Wenger-Trayners rearranged the tables and chairs to facilitate a dialog between themselves and the attendees, rather than a lecture. They took many questions from the audience of more than 80 students, alumni, faculty, and community members, sharing what they have learned throughout their careers and how they put those insights into practice. Comical, informative, and encouraging, the couple led a rousing discussion on learning across landscapes of practice.

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Dennis Palumbo (MA '88) recently published a collection of mystery short stories, titled, From Crime to Crime:Mind-Boggling Tales of Mystery and Murder.