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Year 1 Courses


Leadership and Technology Training for Educators (LATTE)

LATTE is a summer orientation session in which students are provided with an overview of the program and support services.

EDEL 729A Communication/Information Technology and Scholarly Writing (1)
EDEL 740A Personal Leadership and Stewardship of a Shared Vision of Learning (2)
EDEL 700A Leading Learning, Innovation, and the Continuous Improvement of Practice  (3) 
EDEL 700B Collaborating with Stakeholders and Mobilizing Community Resources in Support of Learning (2)
EDEL 724 Ethical Leadership and Developing Leadership Capacity (2) 
EDEL 729B Communication/Information Technology and Scholarly Writing (2)
EDEL 740B Personal Leadership Legacy (1)
EDEL 741 Creating and Sustaining a Learning Community Culture of Excellence and Responsibility (3) 
EDEL 754 Engaging with the Policy Environment in Support of Equity and Educational Excellence (3)
EDEL 774A Foundations of Participatory Action Research (1)
EDEL 774B  Foundations of Participatory Action Research (2)
EDEL 775A Engaging in Participatory Action Research (1) 
EDEL 785 Culturally Proficient Leadership, Equity, and Social Justice (2)

Year 2 Courses

EDEL 714
Leading and Managing Operations and Resources as a Learning Support System 
Foundations of Research and Dissertation Study
Qualitative Research Methods
Quantitative Research Methods
EDEL 734A 
Qualitative Data Analysis and Interpretation 
Quantitative Data Analysis and Interpretation
EDEL 762
Transforming Learning Communities in a Global and Conceptual Age 
Engaging in Participatory Action Research 
EDEL 776
Evaluating and Presenting Participatory Action Research Outcomes 
EDEL 787
Research Capstone Seminar 

Year 3 Courses

EDEL 791
Dissertation Research (until completion)
ED 792
Dissertation Completion 
California Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential Course Work
ED 722 Program Planning and Induction Seminar (2)
ED 723 Candidate Assessment Seminar (2)